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David Pritchett of Pritchett Contracting

I’m David Pritchett of Pritchett Contracting Services, a licensed and insured contractor since 1995 located in the Redland Road area of Wetumpka, Alabama.

I provide the following residential landscaping services in the Redland Road area of Wetumpka.

  • Unwanted bushes, shrubbery and small tree removal from your yard.
  • Reclaim overgrown sections of your yard/property.
  • Electrical and Water Trenches.
  • Emergency storm damaged tree and limb removal - small to medium size trees that aren't resting on a house or power line.

I can remove bushes, shrubbery or small trees on your property that you no longer want. If you have an overgrown section of yard that you would like cleaned up, I can do that as well. If you have trees or tree limbs blown down by a storm I can remove those also. If you need a trench dug for electrical wiring to a shop, call me. Need a ditch dug for water run off, call me. I'm in the Redland Road area of Wetumpka. Get in touch with me if you need any of these kind of landscaping work done.

If I can be of service to you, then please Get In Touch with me. Thank you.

Kubota U-17 Mini-excavator



Land Maintenance Wetumpka AL

Elmore County Alabama

Tractor and mini-excavator work in Wetumpka - Elmore County Alabama.

- Bush and Shrubbery Removal
- Overgrown Brush Removal
- Small Tree Removal
- Storm Damaged Tree Removal (small to medium size trees)

Mini-excavator work
Tractor work

Mini-excavator and Small Tractor Work